Korea Shipment Tracking for Magento



Korean shipment tracking for Magento 2

This shipment tracking extension allows you to easily add tracking numbers for most of the major courier companies in Korea, to the Magento admin when creating a shipment. The customer will automatically get the correct tracking URL via Email and also a link in the my account page.

배송 송장 추적 (마젠토 2)

어드민을 통해 배송 송장을 입력하면 고객의 이메일과 마이 페이지에 배송 추적이 가능한 택배사 링크가 보내집니다. 국내 대표적 배송업체들을 포함하였습니다.

List of default Korean Couriers:

우체국택배(Korea Post)
CJ대한통운택배(CJ Daehan Tongwon)
대신택배(Dae Sin)
합동택배(Hap Dong)
일양로지스(Il Yang)
천일 택배(Chun Il)
용마로지스(Yong Ma Logis)
GTX로지스(GTX Logis)
고려 택배(Ko Lyeo)
퀵퀵닷컴(Quick Quick dot com)
KG로지스(KG Logis)
CU편의점택배 (CU CVS)

It is possible to add new couriers via the admin

How to use
Manage the tracking urls go to Seoul Web Design > Custom Carrier Trackers >. ( on first use can press the import Carriers to load our default list )
Here you may edit / add tracking URLs as required . #TRACKNUM# is the tracking number that gets entered when creating the shipment on the magento order:
For example if you’re shipping with Korea Post –  tracking number EG276666868KR. ( you can try this code for test)
Once create the shipment as normal the customer will have access to the tracking URL in the frontend according to your theme, and in the shipment email send to the customer.
The tracking link will lead the customer to the couriers tracking details page in a new window: