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Introducing KakaoTalk Biz Message for Magento: Streamline Customer Communications with Alimtalk

Enhance your customer communication experience with our KakaoTalk Biz Message extension for Magento, featuring Alimtalk. Seamlessly send order confirmations and shipment updates directly to your customers via KakaoTalk, requiring only their phone number at checkout.

KakaoTalk Biz Message is a powerful tool that leverages KakaoTalk, the leading free mobile messenger application for smartphones, used by over 93% of South Korea’s population. Alimtalk is a specialized messaging service within KakaoTalk, designed for businesses to send customized, timely notifications and updates to their customers. Learn more about this service at bizmessage.kakao.com.

Key Benefits:

  • Save 30-70% on SMS/MMS costs, maximizing your communication budget.
  • Improve customer service by delivering personalized mobile messages that keep users informed and engaged.
  • Strengthen your brand image in the Korean market by leveraging the widespread popularity of KakaoTalk and the efficiency of Alimtalk.


  • Magento versions 2.3 to 2.4
  • Supports both Commerce Cloud and Community editions

Toast.com account for API access to the Alim Kakao Service.
Kakao Plus Friend Biz ID 

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