Coupang Marketplace feed for Magento 2



Coupang Magento Extension

Maximize your e-commerce potential with the Seoul Web Design Coupang Magento Extension, seamlessly integrating your Magento store with the expansive Coupang Marketplace. This robust extension empowers your online business by streamlining product listings, ensuring accurate data synchronization, and enhancing your market reach in the Korean e-commerce space.

Key Features:

  • Secure API Integration: Connect confidently with Coupang Marketplace using secure authentication, including Access Key, Secret Key, and Vendor ID configurations.
  • Comprehensive Attribute Mapping: Effortlessly map your Magento product attributes to their Coupang counterparts, preserving data integrity and consistency across platforms.
  • Attribute Mapping: Go beyond basic integration with advanced mapping capabilities that align every product detail between your store and Coupang, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Leverage the Seoul Web Design Coupang Magento Extension to enhance your presence in one of Asia’s leading e-commerce markets, streamline your operations, and drive your online business growth.