Naver Shopping Feed Magento Extension



Naver Shopping Feed Extension for Magento 2.4.x


The Seoul web design Naver Shopping extension is a powerful tool designed to seamlessly integrate your Magento 2.4.x store with Naver Shopping. This extension supports the latest Naver Shopping Product Feed EP 3.0, ensuring your product data is always up-to-date and compliant with Naver’s requirements.

Whether you want to schedule regular synchronizations or need to manually update your product data, this extension has got you covered. With user-friendly configuration and management, you can easily control how your product data is shared with Naver Shopping.

Compatible with Adobe Commerce Cloud   2.3.x > 2.4.x
Magento EE, CE, 2.3.x > 2.4.x

Key Features

Configuration Settings

The extension provides an intuitive admin interface, allowing you to configure the necessary settings to connect to Naver Shopping and control synchronization behavior. These settings include:

  • Naver Engine Settings: Configure the connection to Naver Shopping and set up the necessary parameters for product data synchronization.
  • Synchronization Schedule: Set up a regular schedule for product data synchronization, ensuring your product data on Naver Shopping is always up-to-date.
  • Product Data Mapping: Map your product categories and attributes to the corresponding fields in Naver Shopping. This ensures that all necessary product information is included in the feed.

Product Data Synchronization Service

The extension includes a robust product data synchronization service. This service is responsible for fetching product data from your Magento store, transforming it according to your configured mappings, and generating a product feed in the Naver Shopping Product Feed EP 3.0 format. You can trigger this service manually or set it to run automatically according to your configured schedule.

Product Feed Generation

The extension generates a product feed in the Naver Shopping Product Feed EP 3.0 format. This feed includes all necessary product information, such as name, description, price, images, and other attributes required by Naver Shopping. The feed is generated based on the transformed product data, ensuring that your product information is accurately represented on Naver Shopping.

Extension Admin Features

  1. Include Out of Stock Products: This feature allows you to choose whether to include or exclude out of stock products from the EP file. This can be useful for managing your inventory and ensuring that customers only see products that are available for purchase.
  2. Use SKU as Product ID: By default, Magento uses its own product ID system. However, with this extension, you can choose to use the SKU as the Product ID instead. This can make it easier to track and manage your products.
  3. Product Name Prefix: This feature allows you to add a prefix to the product name. This can be useful for categorizing your products or highlighting certain features.
  4. Convert Price to KRW: If your store uses a different currency, this feature allows you to convert the price to Korean Won (KRW). Please note that currency rate configuration is required for this feature.
  5. Product Image Selection: Choose which product image to use in the feed. The extension provides a variety of options to choose from.
  6. Product Image Size Customization: Customize the size of the product image in the feed. You can specify the dimensions (width x height) to suit your needs.
  7. Encoding Type of EP File: Choose the encoding type for the EP file. This can help ensure compatibility with different systems and software.
  8. Limitation of Categories: If a product belongs to multiple categories, you can limit the number of categories included in the feed. This can help keep your feed clean and organized.
  9. Directory of EP File: Specify the directory where the EP file will be stored. This can help you keep your files organized and easy to find.
  10. Automate EP Creation: This feature allows you to automate the creation of the EP file. This can save you time and ensure that your feed is always up-to-date.
  11. Attribute Mapping: Map your product attributes to the corresponding fields in the Naver Shopping Feed. This ensures that all necessary product information is included in the feed.

These features make the Naver Shopping Feed extension a powerful tool for managing your product feed and improving your store’s visibility on Naver Shopping.


Why Choose Our Extension?

The Seoul Web Design Naver Shopping extension is designed to make it easy for you to integrate your Magento store with Naver Shopping. With its user-friendly configuration, powerful synchronization service, and accurate product feed generation, this extension takes the hassle out of managing your product data on Naver Shopping. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, this extension can help you improve your visibility on Naver Shopping and reach more customers.

Get the Seoul Web Design Naver Shopping extension today and start making the most of your presence on Naver Shopping!