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Seoul Web Design KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension for Magento 2

Introducing the Seoul Web Design KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension for Magento 2, a powerful and user-friendly solution for integrating KakaoPay, one of South Korea’s most popular online payment platforms, into your Magento store. With this extension, you can offer a seamless and secure payment experience for your South Korean customers, allowing them to make purchases using their preferred payment method.

KakaoPay is a widely-used mobile payment service developed by Kakao Corp, the company behind South Korea’s most popular messaging app, KakaoTalk. With over 50 million users, KakaoPay provides a fast and secure way for consumers to make online payments, transfer funds, and even use QR codes for offline transactions.

By integrating the KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension into your Magento store, you’ll be able to tap into a vast customer base, increase conversions, and offer a localized shopping experience that caters to the preferences of South Korean consumers.

Key Features:

  • Easy integration of KakaoPay into your Magento 2 store.
  • Secure, fast, and reliable online payment processing.
  • Supports both one-time and recurring payments.
  • Mobile-friendly, with support for KakaoTalk integration.
  • Provides a localized payment experience for South Korean customers.
  • Comprehensive backend management tools for tracking and managing transactions.

Enhance your Magento store’s payment options and provide a seamless shopping experience for your South Korean customers with the Seoul Web Design KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension for Magento 2.

Demo and Support

To explore the Seoul Web Design KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension for Magento 2 in action, visit our demo store and proceed to checkout with a test product. Note that the demo store uses test credentials and no real transactions will occur.

Installation and Configuration

The installation and configuration of the KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension are straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free integration process for your Magento store. The extension comes with a comprehensive user guide that covers installation, configuration, and usage instructions.

Account and Pricing

To use the KakaoPay Korean Payment Extension, you’ll need to sign up for a KakaoPay account here. Please note that transaction fees may apply and will vary depending on your agreement with KakaoPay. For more information on pricing and to register, visit the KakaoPay pricing page.

KakaoPay Magento User Guide

카카오페이 신규가입 신청
Activate KakaoPay Merchant account here


Supported Magento versions:




2022-07-10  – 2.0.1


  • Fix order status after the capture



  • Update to use payment gateway command



  • Only send order email after payment success



  • Fix order item qty, fix dependency injection



  • Keep the cart if user cancel payment



  • Add mobile dectect

[1.0.2] – 2021-07-25


  • Mobile redirect url
  • Keep the cart if user cancel payment

[1.0.1] – 2021-07-13


  • Fix config to support store scope


2021. Jan
– Card types updated
– API version updated.

2017 October 
New version to work with the recently released  KakaoPay API.



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