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What is Toss Payments Brand Pay?

Brand Pay is a service that provides SDKs and APIs that allow stores to implement their own simple payments. It provides simple payment UI, server logic and encryption functions for payment, and UI customization functions.

Brand Pay payment process at a glance

The payment process that customers experience when linking Brand Pay is as follows.

  1. A customer enters the store’s checkout page to purchase a product.
  2. The payment window is executed through the Brand Pay SDK included in the payment page.
  3. Choose a payment method and enter your password.
    • If you do not have a registered payment method, register a payment method.
    • By entering the password, the identity of the customer is verified.
  4. The payment request is sent to the Brand Pay server.
    • After the Brand Pay server processes the payment, it requests the store server to approve the payment.
    • The store server verifies that the payment information requested for authorization is correct.
    • Receive final approval results.
  5. Payment is complete.

Toss Payments Brand Pay documentation.


Take a look at the UI provided by the SDK

With only SDK integration, you can immediately use the UI required for payment method management, user authentication, and payment requests that customers can use right away. Take a look at the UIs provided by Brand Pay by default.

Method of payment
Provides a UI to register/delete payment methods.



Provides a UI to select a payment method to use for payment.


Payment management
Provides a payment management UI to manage payment methods, passwords, and one-touch payment usage.

UI for setting and entering a password to be used for payment

One-touch payment UI that allows you to complete payment without entering a password

The UI provided through the SDK includes its own security keypad that can safely deliver buyer information, and an abnormal transaction detection system (FDS, Fraud) that detects and blocks suspicious electronic financial transactions by analyzing transaction information, customer information, and usual transaction patterns. Detection System) and other security technologies are applied.

This Magento module uses the Brand Pay SDK UI

See our demo site for Magento / Adobe Commerce TOSS payments 

Coming September support for GraphQL / Magento PWA checkout

August 2022 – Updated to the new BrandPay